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Answering questions Tag your followers yo

Nickname- Nate, Josh, Meatball, Critic

Birthday Mar 13

Gender: Boy

Sexuality: Heterosexual (I got a girl tho ;) )

Height 5’8??

Timezone: Eastern

Average night sleep 6-8 hours

Last thing I googled: ????

First word…




I wasn’t even following DDlgdoodles and their posts have just made me so sick to my stomach. I shouldn’t of gone on their blog to see what they posted. Seeing how many people in this community agree with them and are saying “sorry you’re getting so many stupid anons” and “wow you’re so…

Disregard haters aquire your own definition. Life is like that. But you are you and no one will ever be you. So do the best Peter and be you. Also fimd support somewhere else. I think tumblr can be a double edged sword. And well if you have a large amount of people stupid actions are followed suit. But forget about them. They are not you.
You are a valid person amd who you are is valid.

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Answering questions Tag your followers yo

Nickname-Pip, Brudachen ,JJ, Fullmetal *pssss call me PIP*

Birthday Oct 26

Gender: Boy * Kinda meh about the whole gender thing *

Sexuality: Timey whimey Asexual/gray sexual

Height 5’7 *5’9 on papers I wear shoes that give me two inches*

Timezone Pacific “Westside!!!!!!”

What time is it where you are? Adventure time- 8:27 pm

Average night sleep 6-8 hours

Last thing I googled Tumblr

First word that comes to mind Bambinos

What I said last to my family…. Idk

How many blankets I am sleeping under. A knitted heavy blanket and a fleece blanket and a lime green baby blanket that tends to wrap around me like a snake 0Ho

Three thing I can’t live with out; My family*Including my little family* My friend, Music

Something I plan on learning. How to play the piano

Piece of advice to my followers: Live for today, plan for tomorrow, Fight your past 

My Blog- It’s a sfw little blog with weeaboo aesthetics and random stuff

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